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CREST Nanoscale Analytical Sciences Research and Education Center


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Faculty Mentor

Dr. Charles M. Hosten

Research Interests

Considerable resources have been focused on the development of organic compounds possessing unique optical, electrochemical and electronic properties. The advances made in the field of nanotechnology, when applied to these new molecules, offers the potential for the development of molecular electronic devices. These devices are particularly appealing to the information storage industry where micro-miniaturization, which resulted in the integrated circuit, is approaching its practical and theoretical limits. Unimolecular or oligomolecular electronics, utilizing molecules with their 1-3 nm sizes, offers the potential for significantly enhancing computing speed, and for miniaturizing data storage devices. The coherent design of nanoscale devices utilizing these unimolecular rectifiers hinges on the issue of how to precisely configure molecules at controlled electrical contacts and how to accurately determine their molecular orientation.

The focus of research in our laboratory has been t he investigation of interfacial phenomena. Specifically, we utilize electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques to characterize, and determine the molecular structure, orientation, and conformation of molecules adsorbed at metal surfaces. The techniques employed include normal Raman spectroscopy, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) and quantum mechanical computational methods. Our current research project involves oligo(phenyleneethylene) (OPE) compounds which have been identified as promising molecular electronic bridges. We have utilized SERS, TERS and normal Raman spectroscopy to characterize self-assembled monolayers or OPE adsorbed on Au and Ag nanoparticles.


Postdoctoral Fellow, Virginia Commonwealth University

Ph.D. Graduate School City University of New York

M.S. City College of New York

B. S. University of the West Indies