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Nanomaterials Characterization Science Research

The Center's primary research targets nanomaterials characterization science. The research expertise within the Nanomaterials Characterization Science Group (NCSG) will cover the primary regimes that are either at the forefront, or currently most widely investigated by nanomaterials chemists, chemical engineers, and nanotechnology device scientists.

Characterization Chemistry of Ultrapure Nanomaterials
This research addresses the major generic challenges to the advancement of the characterization research of nanomaterials. A central analytical laboratory facility would be made available to researchers in the Nanomaterials Characterization Science and Processing Technology Center and for use by researchers within the regional served by CNASREC. Techniques and methods are under development for the high accuracy analysis of ultrapure nanomaterials and for assuring the availability of pure, stable, stoichiometric nanomaterials of known composition that meet the rigid criteria for use as model compounds for comparison standards.

Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis of Ultrapure Nanomaterials

Here we electrophotoretically deposit and control the distribution of nanometer sized catalytic seeds for nanowire growth. Compare thermal CVD with NH3 versus microwave plasma CVD with N2. Currently growth of single nanowires of InN has been achieved and dense growth is being pursued

Computational Chemistry of Nanomaterials
Co-PI's, Dr. Steven Richardson and Dr. John Harkless, apply first principles density function theory (DFT) and quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) methods respectively to computationally predict properties of stable forms of binary and ternary compounds. These investigators will both provide theoretical guidance to the experimental work as well as suggest novel molecules, which may be of interest to the synthetic work outlined in the project.

Process Development For Nanoparticle Device Structures
The development of new concepts and fabrication of nanotechnology devices require creative device engineering designs and controlled processes for transforming known starting nanomaterials into integrated structures and components. For nanotechnology device development, high-tech characterization science is even more indispensable than stated previously for nanomaterials R&D. Both the initial chemical status of starting nanomaterials and transformations during intermediate stages of the processing must be controlled. An initial device technology example to be investigated within the Center includes the fabrication of buried Schottky barrier IR photodetectors exploiting PtSi nanoparticles in a p-type silicon matrix.

Fabrication of Silver Nanoclusters in Silicon For Enhanced IR Detection at 8 to 14 Microns

High Density CVD Growth of Oxygen Defect-Free GaN Nanomaterials
























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