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CREST Nanoscale Analytical Sciences Research and Education Center


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Introduction and Background

The synthesis of nanomaterials and the fabrication of nanotechnology devices present some of the most formidable and exciting challenges in chemical characterization science. Characterization research across a broad range of chemical regimes must underpin nanomaterials R&D. The CREST Nanoscale Analytical Sciences Research and Education Center (CNASREC) engages a cluster of research faculty in independent and collaborative research investigations to advance the chemical knowledge base underpinning the unequivocal comprehensive determination of the chemical status of nanomaterials. This research center generates chemical information that provides the intellectual foundation for verification of the directed synthesis, and fabrication of nanomaterials. The development of methods for processing new nanomaterials with clearly definable chemical identities and technologically useful properties also depends on characterization research. Predictably, the placement of the nanosciences and engineering on a platform for practical exploitation and impact on the US economy strongly depends on the advancement of the state of the frontiers of characterization science.

The Center's research will completely alter HU's infrastructure for research and education in characterization chemistry by establishing and equipping a premier research faculty group. New facilities, instrumentation, networks and partnerships will develop for exposing minority students to research in the nanosciences.


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